Who We Are

We are a small but rapidly growing apiary in the Florida Keys. We raise over 500 hives around Long Key, Grassy Key, and Marathon Key. Thanks to our tropical climate, our bees are working year round, allowing us to harvest honey three to four times a year.

A lot of our rapid expansion is due to a growing public awareness of dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, and antibiotics that are used in agricultures and found in most honey these days.

These chemicals are entirely absent in our honey due to the simple fact that our bees are isolated from the mainland by hundreds of miles of warm ocean, and are never exposed to these chemicals. Even the South Easterly prevailing winds come across thousands of miles of unpolluted ocean.

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Honey Seasons

Many of our hives produce over 200 lbs per year of premium honey from a large variety of floral fauna, most of them unique to the Florida Keys.

Our apiaries produce Mango and Avocado honey from an upscale residential area during the month of January and February, followed by Sea Grape, Palm, and Jamaican Dogwood honey in March, April and May.

In mid-May, thousands of acres of Black Mangrove come into bloom in the surrounding State and National parks, lasting until late July, and producing an excellent premium amber colored honey.

There is a relatively quiet period in August, then the Brazilian Pepper starts to flourish and continues right through to the month of December.

At Keezbeez, it is go-go all year round! We have no winter period in which most bee keepers get to relax, so whenever you are down South, give us a shout out. For now, we leave you with an image of the sunset in the Keys that inspired our logo and represents the hard life of our Koneybees.

Benefits of Raw Honey
Sweetness the way nature intended.

Raw honey contains vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and other important natural nutrients.It strengthens the immune system, eliminates allergies, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds.

These criterias should place raw honey high in your to-buy list. After all, this golden liquid is far more than something to stir into your tea or spread on your toast.
Honey Harvest
Surprisingly, the Florida Keys have more species of native flowering than any other place in the country.

Add to this another hundred or so introduced by man, and you have the most varied source of nectars anywhere in North America!.

Since there is always something flowering in the Keys, we never have to feed our bees with sugar water, which weakens them, and we never have to treat our hives with chemicals or anti-biotics either.

Our bees forage from floral fauna that is unaltered by humans and therefore the honey we produce is chemical free and has an excellent quality and a unique, delicious taste.