Red Mangrove Honey

Medium Light and exceptionally sweet.

Sea Grape Honey

Light with a hint of buttery flavor.

Mango Blossom Honey

An exciting honey with a tangy taste.

Black Mangrove Honey

Unique, dark, and strong flavored.

Brazilian Pepper Honey

Delicate flavor with a slight spice to it.

Jamaican Dogwood Honey

Excellent for sauces and baked goods.

Palm Tree Honey

Light with a pleasingly mild flavor.

Mamey Honey

Heavy bodied with a delightful flavor.

Gumbo Limbo Raw Honey

Light and clear, with is very own distinctive taste.

Citrus Raw Honey

Mainly from Key Lime and Kumquat trees, light, delicate citrus taste.

Wild Tamarind Raw Honey

From Islamorada, a rare honey, light clear and delicate.

Wildflower Raw Honey

Many different floral sources, usually dark, excellent taste.

Lychee Raw Honey

Light and clear, very sweet.

Spanish Needles

Medium dark and delicious. Have to try this one!


A dark honey, rich and sweet. Unforgettable.


Spectacular taste!! medium dark. you buy and you wont regret it...

Spring Flower

Light with lovely spring taste like dreams!